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Letter: Westwood will simply add to town’s drainage issues

Westwood will simply add to town’s drainage issues

Our atmosphere is warming, warm air carries more moisture. That’s why our rainstorms are, on the average, delivering more rain. That, plus the weakening of the jet stream, will also allow more Gulf moisture to make it north.

The initial blast of runoff from these intense rainstorms is stressing the drainage of Amherst streams. The stream that crosses Frankhauser Road at Millbrook now almost fills its road culvert from a 3-inch rainstorm. This stream and others in the area have not and cannot be properly dredged/maintained because, due to development, there in no longer any access to these streams. Many are still full of the limbs that fell in the October Surprise snowstorm.

As you can imagine, covering grassland with blacktop and concrete exacerbates the initial runoff; there simply isn’t enough local capacity to handle the development of the former Westwood Country Club. Acres of grassland have recently been covered in this area, specifically around the Marriott Courtyard Hotel and auto sales lots on Sheridan Drive, the Comfort Inn on Millersport Highway, the Frankhauser substation, Dent Tower, Sheridan-Harlem Plaza, several new housing complexes surrounding the University at Buffalo, and many more.

Where does it stop? Do you really think the developers of Westwood will return to fix their mistakes, let alone take responsibility for anything once they are gone? The hidden truth in their design is that all the basements of the surrounding neighborhood will probably become temporary holding ponds.

Is there anyone in Amherst government willing to stand up for these neighborhoods?

Phil Parshall


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