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Letter: There is much more not to like about the onerous SAFE Act

There is much more not to like about the onerous SAFE Act

The Sept. 9 letter regarding the SAFE Act had an interesting question of “What’s not to like?” There is plenty not to like about it. The most unlikeable thing is that it does nothing to reduce “gun violence.” Simple answer is that criminals don’t obey laws and this one has no effect on the criminal misuse of guns.

The letter says it doesn’t prohibit the ownership of “assault weapons.” Actually, it does. It had a grandfather clause that allowed the registration of those guns, but it forbids the purchase or transfer of them. Any semiautomatic rifle with the ability to hold a detachable magazine that has a thumbhole or adjustable stock, threaded barrel or a bayonet lug is banned. Why?

The only thing that makes any weapon dangerous is the person holding it. The SAFE Act denies the Amish the right to purchase any gun because of the fact they need a photo ID to get a National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) check.

It is against their religion to have a photo. There is not much violence in the Amish community, so why should they be denied the right to buy a gun?

Guns are confiscated from people who are merely accused of having a “mental health problem.” Even if the report is false or a mistake, the person is considered guilty until proven innocent. Due process is denied. Who can like these provisions?

Budd Schroeder

Chairman Emeritus, SCOPE


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