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Letter: Pitts ignores the reason Kaepernick is not playing

Pitts ignores the reason Kaepernick is not playing

News op-ed columnist Leonard Pitts continues to perpetuate division in this country by using his soap box to spew his hysterical racial rhetoric. A majority of the sports fans you ask will tell you that Colin Kaepernick is not that good, that’s why he’s not playing. It has nothing to do with race.

The mayor and police chief of Cleveland are black. Why didn’t they stand up to the injustices that Pitts cited? The sports arena is not the place for protest. Fans want to see a game, not politics.

As for the “ungrateful black men acting uppity,” why not praise all of the accomplishments they have made in sports, movies, music, advertising, business and politics? Would Pitts ever present those arguments. I dare say not!

Leonard Militello

Lake View

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