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Letter: Lancaster growth is spiraling dangerously out of control

Lancaster growth is spiraling dangerously out of control

Danger is growing around us in Lancaster. We must take steps to correct the obvious problem that our roads have not kept up with our housing boom. We need to act quickly before a deadly situation arises.

Look around at the hundreds of new homes with thousands of new people, trying to travel on roads built for horse and buggies. Try reaching the posted speed limits on certain roads during peak hours; Central Avenue, Harris Hill Road, William Street, Aurora Street and Broadway are bumper-to-bumper.

It is obvious that we must stop adding new homes until we improve our highways. If there was a serious accident or fire on these roads it would be difficult, if not impossible, for emergency vehicles to get through.

It does not make sense that some streets are under control by the village, some by the town and some by Erie County. Too much government means too little progress.

We need to produce a colored map of our town showing which streets are controlled by which governing body. And each governing body has to buy and maintain equipment, like snowplow trucks, a staff to do the work and administrators. Does this make sense?

We need to recognize that growth must be controlled.

I look at the hundreds of new homes with millions of dollars in new tax revenue coming in, but I do not see any tax reduction. Where does that money go? If growth cost us more money each year, then why allow it? Someone is making money with these new houses, but not the taxpayers. This does not make sense. What am I missing?

Dick Young


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