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Letter: Two-state solution works when Arabs keep their word

Two-state solution works when Arabs keep their word

The Sept. 1 Another Voice Column “Two-state solution is the way to Mideast peace” is arguably a reasonable position. However, the information provided by the author ranges from misleading to outright false. This piece is nothing more than a repeat of anti-Israel propaganda.

The author emphasizes United Nations Resolution 242. The fact is, Israel has already lived up to 242 by vacating the Sinai and Gaza. 242 never stated nor was intended for Israel to return all territory conquered in a defensive war (all within international law). 242 never stated or intended to create another Arab state for Palestinian Arabs. Palestinian Arabs were not even on the political map in 1967.

The author claims that Israel is denying the local Arabs their freedom. What a stretch. Arabs control outright Gaza, and 98 percent of Arabs living in Judea and Samaria (land west of the Jordan) live in areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority.

The author uses the term “apartheid” and comparison of South Africa to Israel, both factually discredited. Furthermore, Israeli communities built in Judea and Samaria have been on virtually vacant land, with few Arabs displaced. At best for the Arab narrative, is that this is “disputed territory,” as Israel’s control is within international law.

Israel has been very forthcoming in its desire for peace. Conversely, the Palestinian Arabs have promoted the hatred of Jews and terrorism in their schools, media and entire culture. They have done nothing to promote a basis for peace.

While the concept of a two-state solution may be reasonable, the Arabs have to show that they are ready, willing and able to live up to a peace agreement. The author should consider facts, not anti-Israel propaganda.

James Sterman

East Amherst

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