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Channel 2's Levin has low-key return

WGRZ-TV didn't make a really big deal about co-anchor Scott Levin's return after three months working for a car dealer.

Co-anchor Maryalice Demler turned to Levin about 15 minutes into Monday's 5 p.m. newscast and asked: "How you settling in?"

"I'm settling in just fine," replied Levin, "It feels like riding a bike."

After some happy talk with weathercaster Maria Genero, Levin added: "You do something for 27 years..."

Levin has change of heart, returning to Channel 2

The end of that sentence wasn't discernible because everyone was speaking at once.

But it wasn't hard to figure out what Levin meant. After all those years (including several before he came to Buffalo), it is easy to climb back on the bike or in the anchor seat.

At the end of the 11 p.m. newscast, Demler suggested that Levin was on a "sabbatical."

"Paternity leave I guess," cracked Levin. "Just call me Lazarus."


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