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Letter: Researching ancestry might open some eyes

Researching ancestry might open some eyes

Just when you think Trump supporters would realize the mess he is creating in the U.S. and the world and stand up for issues the United States can be proud of, they continue their self-centered egotistical rants; they stand in attention. Where is their moral compass? Where is their balance? What proof do they have that white makes right? I challenge them to complete and perhaps they will be startled to find the have non-white ancestors.

What does it mean to be a white supremacist or a “pure” race? Merriam-Webster says it means “of pure blood and unmixed ancestry…” Do his supporters fit this definition? I doubt it, so why do they squawk about those who do not as well?

They are like everyone else, “a little bit of this and a little bit of that,” but mostly mean-spirited, ignorant and a little south of sanity.

I am tired of their influence on this bizarre specimen of a president. I am mad about the power they have to ruin our country. We must not give President Trump any more chances to continue to degrade and humiliate humans and our great country, here and abroad.

Marguerite Battaglia


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