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Letter: Let’s join with Gillibrand on push for clean energy

Let’s join with Gillibrand on push for clean energy

During Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s recent town hall meeting in Buffalo, she reminded us that all American families want clean air, clean water and communities that are safe from the constant threat of the climate crisis. Our country may be divided on some issues, but we can all agree that our environment is the basis for all life, including ours.

To provide this protection, we must preserve our bedrock of federal environmental laws such as the Clean Air and Water Acts, and protect the integrity of federal departments and agencies on all levels including budgetary funding; we need to prevent President Trump’s rampant deregulation legislative agenda from advancing through Congress.

Gillibrand has been a leader in these efforts.

If any community knows the impact of the lack of regulatory environmental oversight, it is Western New York. We have an enormous legacy of toxicity from industrial production and waste left from the days prior to environmental protections.

We cannot let the polluters and their political allies threaten the health of our families or the future of our children. Let’s stand with Gillibrand as she defends the safeguards that keep our air and water clean and her promotion of a new clean energy economy that is creating jobs all over the country.

Together we can protect our land, waters and future generations.

Pamela Hughes


Sierra Club Niagara Group

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