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Letter: Voters have to demand better from Democrats

Voters have to demand better from Democrats

I’ve been a Democrat for 44 years and I’m sick of the Democratic Party. I’m sick of having my voice ignored in party endorsements. I’m sick of the idea that special interest groups and political “fat cats” decide who they want in office long before hearing from the rank and file leading up to Primary Day. The fact that they refuse to listen to new and innovative ideas from better candidates shows me that they’re interested only in controlling patronage and not serving Western New York’s residents.

Erie County Democrats are especially guilty of this. They pander to the state party’s agenda at the expense of local constituents. They act like they’re benevolent benefactors who gave us the Buffalo Billion rather than what it actually is: a return of tax dollars paid by the people of this region who have been ignored for decades. They take credit for revitalizing the waterfront through the Buffalo Niagara Greenway Fund as if it wasn’t owed to us for 50 years of using our natural resources to line corporate pockets.

I’m sick of it, but I won’t be quitting. The GOP is no better and this isn’t time for building a third party. Democrats who are fed up with being expected to blindly toe the party line should put all candidates on notice that an endorsement from the party isn’t a free pass. Show us how you’ll improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods and uphold the Democratic principles you claim to stand for.

Stephen Houseknecht


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