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Letter: Both Higgins, Cuomo have done a good job

Both Higgins, Cuomo have done a good job

Buffalo’s waterfront is a photographer’s dream come true. I read with interest the recent News article focusing on who made the transformation of the waterfront possible. I see it as a team effort. Rep. Brian Higgins got the ball rolling by helping to negotiate the power project settlement. Gov. Andrew Cuomo then picked up the ball and ran with it. Since he began quarterbacking a strategic plan for the waterfront, I have seen Canalside literally rise from what looked like a dump.

As a professional photographer, I find myself drawn to the waterfront to capture images of concerts, boaters and the overall natural beauty. I also ride my bike on the Outer Harbor, passing by Wilkeson Pointe, grabbing a beer at Charlie’s Boat Yard and seeing mobs of kids playing on the playground at the new state park. The governor seems to have a plan that has taken off. Get people to the waterfront by making it beautiful and giving them things to do, like boat rides, ice skating and festivals.

It sounds simple but many people in the past have made promises and then dropped the ball. Whether it’s the new children’s museum, some cool housing or fun shops, I look forward to seeing even more picture-perfect settings created on the shores of the Queen City.

Ryan Stilwell


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