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Letter: Only way to fix city is to start at the top

Only way to fix city is to start at the top

The fact that the FBI is even mentioned in the editorial endorsing Mayor Byron Brown for a fourth term should be reason enough for change in City Hall, but here are a few more: The homicide rate is increasing, but the city is solving fewer and fewer murders. Half of Buffalo’s children are in the grips of crippling poverty, yet there is no plan to help them. Lead poisoning rates in Buffalo rival Flint, Mich. Our neighborhoods are being neglected, our small businesses are being ignored and, in many areas of the city, everyone from senior citizens to schoolchildren fear violence when they walk out their front door.

It is because I am doing my job as comptroller – seeing firsthand the lack of vision, planning and accountability in the current administration – that I know the only way to fix what’s wrong with city government is to start at the top. The only way to solve the big problems facing Buffalo is with a new mayor. Because the people of Buffalo can’t wait around another 12 years, and they are not going to settle for a mayor whose main accomplishment is not being a “hindrance.”

Mark Schroeder

Candidate for Mayor of Buffalo

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