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Siena poll: New Yorkers view Trump even more negatively eight months in

Just eight months into Donald Trump's four years as president, more New Yorkers than ever view his presidency unfavorably, according to the latest Siena College poll.

Sixty-six percent of New Yorkers gave the president a negative favorability rating, while fewer Republicans are expressing strong support of him, according to poll results released Wednesday morning.

Nearly six in 10 people say Trump is doing a "poor" job. At the same time, 77 percent view the president's job performance negatively, according to Siena College's results.

“New Yorkers are viewing the Queens-born President more negatively than they have any time since he took office. While he continues to be viewed unfavorably by more than 80 percent of Democrats, Trump’s favorability rating with Republicans – 61-33 percent – while still strongly positive, is down by a net 20 points since July when he had a 71-23 percent favorability rate with Republicans,” Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg said in a news release.

The specific issues on which the president got the lowest job performance ratings were on improving health care, working with Congress and improving race relations in the U.S. On each of those, at least 82 percent of voters and at least 65 percent of Republicans gave Trump a negative rating.

On other specific job performance issues, Trump scored:

  • 63 percent negative on keeping Americans safe from terrorism.
  • 66 percent negative on creating jobs.
  • 68 percent negative on addressing the conflict with North Korea.
  • 73 percent negative improving the immigration system.

Fifty percent of people gave Trump an 'F' for how he handled the aftermath of Charlottesville, the poll found.

New Yorkers still view Trump negatively, but he does better than Putin

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