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What They Said: Coach Sean McDermott, G Richie Incognito, WR Zay Jones, RB LeSean McCoy, QB Tyrod Taylor, CB Tre’Davious White

Bills head coach Sean McDermott

Opening Statement: Alright, good morning. [Those who] will not practice today will be Tanner Vallejo with the knee [injury] and then Jerel Worthy [is] still in the concussion protocol. I’ll open it up to questions.

Q: Can you give us an update on Tyrod Taylor’s status? Has he been cleared from the concussion protocol and do you expect him to start on Sunday?

A: Yes to both. Yes, he has been cleared from the concussion protocol and yes, we do expect him to start on Sunday.

Q: When you approach it with Tyrod, especially, what is your feeling about how, were you able to see him do enough stuff on Monday? Obviously we didn’t watch that part of practice. What’s your sense of his level of readiness, having to go through this in the latter part of the preseason and into this week?

A: First of all, when you get cleared from the concussion protocol, that’s the first step. [It’s] an indication, to me, of where he is from a medical standpoint. Then, it’s the dialogue. ‘Hey, you feel good?’ from a human standpoint, that interaction. Then, as a player, you watch him go out and execute. Certainly, we’ll continue to do that and to this point, he’s done a good job with that.

Q: How do you think it’s going to feel, walking out for your first regular season game as a head coach?

A: I’m sure there will be some newness to that, just like there was in the preseason. But I’m such a guy that’s focused process-wise that, for me, getting myself ready between now and then, that’s really my routine. I’m getting into my routine for the regular season and the players are getting into their routine. I’ll be very, I think, humbled by the opportunity and thankful.  This is one of the reasons why we came here, was to win football games. To be able to perform in front of these fans and the passionate fan base that we have. To get this stadium back to where it belongs, in terms of our home field advantage, and we look forward to getting out there this weekend in front of our fans. We look forward to making this a very hostile place and a place that people really don’t want to come to and when they travel down One Bills Drive that they know what this is about. Our guys understand that.

Q: How much do you expect their defense to change at all without Sheldon [Richardson] being there? Obviously, he’s been there for so long and so close to a game, the first week that they kind of make that move.

A: Well, they’ve done a lot of things similar to what we’ve done. We’ve done some things, they’ve done some things. That said, they’ve got a lot of solid, good players on that team and that defense, in particular, with what they do inside, with their front and then their secondary is a little bit new this year to what it’s been in the past. But they’re a very talented football team and we have nothing but respect for the New York Jets.

Q: Have you decided on team captains at this point? Have they been elected?

A: We have. Yeah, they were elected by the team and the captains, three of them you already saw in preseason, with Kyle [Williams], Tyrod [Taylor] and Lorenzo [Alexander]; and then we’ve added Eric Wood and Stephen Hauschka to that list.

Q: What are your plans for challenges? Your predecessor, there was at least one game where we didn’t know what the heck his process was or who he was talking to upstairs. How’s that going to work here?

A: In terms of challenging?

Q: You know, how do you get communication on whether to challenge or not, who’s upstairs, what that process is.

A: Yeah, we communicate. That was a big part of our process through the preseason, was getting, and really even the first practice we had here, that was part of the dry run as it relates to the communication. So I’ve got good eyes upstairs. I rely on those guys and we’ve done a good job so far [with] the flow of communication back and forth. I expect we’ll continue to do that. There will be some new situations that come up every year, just like there was in the Super Bowl last year. Those will be, that’s an active and ongoing learning curve and things that we have to try our best to stay on top of.

Q: So much has been made of the roster turnover and the numbers to support how dramatically it has turned over. What do you think people who watch this team are going to notice that’s different about it, besides the names?

A: I want us to have an identity. When our fans turn the TV on or when they see us in the stadium, that they see the team that they see whether it’s how we play on a Sunday at 1:00 like it’ll be this week, or how we practice, how we play if it’s a primetime game, that they see a team that plays hard. They see a team that plays fundamentally sound. They see a team that plays as a team and plays together. That’s what, to me, a fan base can get behind. Quite honestly, they’re invested in this football team and we’re invested in them. At the end of the day, the love that our players have for one another needs to show up on that football field and that what connects, in my opinion, a team to the fan base.

Q: The secondary, obviously all new guys from last year. Leonard Johnson played for you, though. How important of a role has he played in getting that whole thing put together?

A: Well, the history and his experience in the system certainly helps. Like, in the meeting rooms that they’re in now, having that extra voice to shed some light once in a while in a situation, this is what’s come up or this is the weakness of this defense or this is the weakness or strength of doing this. So that has helped. Leonard’s situation is a little bit different because he joined us late in the offseason a year ago and then didn’t really play until five [or] six games into the season. He started the year on the [Physically Unable to Play] list. That was a little bit of a different situation. That said, the strides that he’s made, even since the close of last year, is really a credit to him and a credit to Coach [Gill] Byrd. He’s done a good job.

Q: You’ve not deviated from maintaining that Tyrod Taylor is your starting quarterback since you got here, essentially, and then you restructured his contract. What does he have to prove? He knows he’s in a tough situation after restructuring his contract. What does he have to prove to you, to this team, to this fan base, do you think now that he is opening the season on Sunday?

A: Go out and do his job. Be one-eleventh. We use that term ‘one-eleventh’ and that’s another way of saying ‘do your job.’ Be one-eleventh of the offense, and that’s what I expect him to do. That’s what I expect of myself, that’s what I expect of every player. Do your job.

Q: Coach, Cordy [Glenn] and Jordan [Matthews], you’ve said all along that week one is their target. Is that your expectation, barring any kind of setbacks this week?

A: It is. Yes, at this point it is. That’s right.

Q: E.J. Gaines had the upper hand when we talked to you on Monday. Has that firmed up a little bit? Will he line up as the starter?

A: He continues to line up at the starting position right now so we’ll continue to evaluate that as we go forward, but yeah I feel good about E.J. right there.

Q: Jonathan Williams signed with the Broncos practice squad yesterday. Did you make any effort to add him to your practice squad?

A: We had some conversations about Jonathan and about other players, and we decided to make some other decisions, other moves yesterday and go in a different direction there. So not at this time, and [I’m] happy for Jonathan. I really am.

Q: There’s a lot of discussion in the media and among fans about where this team really is going right now. Are you tanking, are you middling, are you going for the Super Bowl? Have you had any veteran players come to you that you’ve had to reassure that you are serious 100% about winning this year?

A: I think the guys that are around me on a daily basis know what our goals are. I don’t think, for those that have been around me [and] around us [and] around how we do things, that there’s any question about what our goals are and [what] our approach is on a daily basis.

Q: Have you had any individual conversations with a veteran about that?

A: No.

Q: At right guard, I know you said John Miller is going to start. Are [he and Vladimir Ducasse] going to rotate in the game?

A: We’re going to continue to evaluate that. It’s still early in the week. I feel good about John at this point. Right now, it’s a Wednesday and so we’ve got three or four good practice days in front of us. We’ve got to look at numbers in terms of active and inactive and so that’ll work itself out through the week but right now, John’s the starter at right guard.

Q: Leslie Frazier said that Marcell Dareus seemed engaged during meetings and walkthrough, but with everything that has happened with him this preseason, what have you seen from him getting ready for week one?

A: So far, to this point, like the rest of the team, he’s getting himself ready to play and perform at a high level this weekend. Really, today is step two, if you will, in the process of getting ourselves ready to play against the Jets come Sunday afternoon and with Marcell, no different.

Q: Do you see a difference in him since you had those conversations about [Dareus being sent home] in Baltimore?

A: Well, and I believe he said this the other day, the other week, that he’s moved on. We’ve moved on. You’ve heard me say that. We’re moving forward. Again, our focus right now is on getting ourselves ready to play the New York Jets and it’s a good opponent so we’ve got to be on our game.

Q: Now that week one is here, what sort of workload do you envision for LeSean McCoy, especially after he lost one of his backups? What type of workload can we expect from him?

A: The workload? Whatever it takes to win the game. That’s how we play the game. We play to win, and whatever it takes to win the game, that’s what we’re going to do. If it means he’s got to play every snap, that’s what we’ll do. If he’s feeling good, like it is for every player, I’m going to look them in the eye, say ‘how do you feel? Feel good? Alright, let’s go,’ and [that’s] no different with LeSean.

Q: Have you had any conversations with [McCoy] and Mike Tolbert about who’s going to get those carries down near the goal line?

A: No. I mean, it’s all part of the game plan. That’ll be worked out through the week, but like I said before, the great part about both those guys is that they put the team first. That’s the approach of this whole football team. It’s a team-first mentality. It doesn’t matter if the left guard scores. I expect everyone to go celebrate with him. Or if LeSean or Mike score, it’s no different. It’s still six points, right? That’s what we’re looking for.

Q: So Richie [Incognito] is the goal line back?

A: He could be. He could be. Good idea, maybe I’ll take that to Rick [Dennison].

Q: Do you or any of the guys on the coaching staff speak to the rookies, in particular Zay [Jones] or [Tre’Davious White] on how to handle week one of their NFL career and what to expect going into their first NFL game?

A: Yeah, that’s a good question. You know, there’s a lot of newness. We do have some veterans, but we’ve got some new guys with the drafted players and some other guys that are going to contribute this weekend. This will be the first time for them. There are some conversations going along those lines. There’s also a similar conversation going on along the lines of developing as that second tier of leadership with the names that come up in terms of the primary leaders of this football team. There’s also the secondary, the second crust or tier of the leaders that need to develop. Those players, as you mentioned, being in that bucket. We just want them to focus on the process as we go from today until Sunday at 1:00 and then to do your job. Be one-eleventh of this football team. Be one-eleventh of the offense or defense or special teams. When you do that, good things tend to happen.

Q: If you had to boil it down, simplistically, to one big key that makes your defense function at it’s highest level, what would that be? What has to happen for that defense to do what you want it to do?

A: You know, again, I’ll go back to doing your job. Go out and do your job. When you go through this week, it’s an understanding of roles. It’s an understanding of what your matchup is and the man in front of you, and you’ve got to win that matchup. And then, on top of that would really be all-out effort to the football every play. When you do those two things, when you understand what your job is and you play hard and run to the football every play, it doesn’t matter really if you’re [motions] this tall. In the NFL, good things tend to happen to those types of defenses.

Q: Can you just kind of talk a little bit about Logan Thomas’s progression from where he was as a quarterback to tight end? At the start of OTA’s, I know it was really new for him blocking and now he’s actually on the 53-man roster, and [talk about] kind of what his role on this team will be?

A: Love that. I love Logan’s story. Here’s a young man that transitioned from college quarterback [to] NFL quarterback, even probably less than a year ago, to now tight end. Good young man, he’s done everything we’ve asked. Coach [Rob] Boras has done a phenomenal job with Logan. I think he showed quite a bit of toughness in the preseason, through training camp and the preseason. That’s not a transition that happens all the time in the NFL, or football in general. We believe that his best football is in front of him and that’s a credit, again, to him and his daily approach.


G Richie Incognito

Q: Sean [McDermott] expects Cordy [Glenn] to be out there for Sunday, how nice is it knowing that he’s going to be part of the game plan for week one?
A: It’s always awesome to have the big guy out there, there’s a lot of familiarity between us. He’s a great player, he really is. He makes this offense better, so having him out there in the huddle, it’s been great.

Q: How about Tyrod [Taylor] being back, knowing that you’re going to have your starting quarterback under center there?
A: It’s always great. It’s like the band’s getting back together, we’re all coming back together at the right time, getting this thing going. It’s exciting, we’re excited to get this thing started. Really start proving to ourselves what type of team we’re going to be this year.

Q: A lot of change on the Jets’ defensive side of things, personnel wise, what do you see that’s differently in how things are going to happen on Sunday?
A: Super talented front, they have a bunch of first-round draft picks up front. They have some linebackers that really can fly around and hit people. It’s going to be a challenge for us up front to get a block. They always bring pressure on the quarterback, they have a pretty diverse blitz package. It’s a scout front, it’ll be a good test for us.

Q: How much are you looking forward to proving what this team can be? Whether that’s doubters, anything like that, or just prove it to yourselves?
A: Yeah, we have 16 games to prove what type of team the 2017 Bills are. This is the first step. We’re going to come out of the gates red hot. We have a lot to prove to ourselves, and that’s all that matters. We’ve been working hard, we’ve been doing all the right things, and now it’s time to test it against a quality division opponent.

Q: Sean said as far as LeSean’s [McCoy] workload goes this weekend, whatever it takes to win the game, what have you seen from him this preseason? Kind of the same old LeSean I’m assuming?
A: Yeah LeSean looks great: he’s dynamic, he’s making cuts, he’s a game-changer, he’s a homerun hitter, and I’m really glad he’s on our team.

Q: As an offensive lineman, I’m sure it doesn’t hurt hearing that he may carry the ball 400 times in week one?
A: Yeah, whatever it takes it win. If we have to run the ball, if we have to throw the ball, whatever it takes. We obviously have a pretty good feel for one another, and we’re rolling out a new scheme. It’s going to be exciting to see what we got.


WR Zay Jones

Q: How much have you anticipated this, and what’re you expecting from your first NFL game?
A: It will be different, first NFL game, but it’s football. I’ve been doing this since I was little, I have a great group of guys around me that’ll help prepare me, a great group of coaches, so it’s exciting at the same time. It’s going to be fun, and finally it’s going to be a packed house. It’s going to be a great time, I’m ready to enjoy it.

Q: How have you imagined it leading up to this moment, growing up and now?
A: It never goes quite how you expect it, honestly. A lot of thought through my head though, what’s the first play going to be, what’s the atmosphere going to feel like, the catches. Just have to play the game, it’s going to come to me, it’s going to come to us, so just go out and play our game.

Q: Has it sunk in that the opener that the opener is here, that you guys have a football game this weekend?
A: Oh yeah, it’s here. I was talking with LeSean [McCoy] earlier, and he was like ‘Hey, it’s the real deal,’ I was like yeah, it’s finally here. It’s go-time, I’m ready.

Q: How nice is it knowing that Tyrod Taylor is back, and is expected to start on Sunday?
A: Very excited for Tyrod. But whoever is back there I know is going to do a phenomenal job. Great addition with [Joe] Webb, I’m excited about him, and he’s going to help our football team as well. Whoever is back there, [be] ready to roll, and go out and play ball.

Q: You mentioned LeSean, are there any other teammates or coaches that you’ve talked to about what to expect?
A: Jordan Matthews.

Q: What did he have to say?
A: Jordan’s a great guy [at] breaking down film. Awesome guy, just to pick his brain, and just watch him go to work. Dissecting film with Jordan has been a big help for me, it’s made me more comfortable. That extra preparation, is ultimately what’s going to make me, and this team ready to play.


RB LeSean McCoy

Q: Is it nice to finally get the preseason behind you, and real football is ahead, and you can do what you’re supposed to on offense, and really get after it a little bit?

A: Yeah, it’s a lot better. We get the game plan, watch tape and get an idea of what we really want to do. Just put things together, I’m anxious to get out there just to see how good we are as an offense. You put things on tape for preseason that you can work on, that you can study and learn from. We’re going to go out here, this Sunday, execute the game plan and see how well we do.

Q: How important is it to get Tyrod [Taylor] back finally?

A: Good, he’s our leader, he makes a lot of plays with his arm and his feet. Then you bring that combination to our offense, where you have to stop us in multiple ways. He’s a big threat, happy to have him back healthy, ready to go.

Q: Sean McDermott said that they’re going to give you the ball as much as needed to win the game. How big of a workload are you ready to take on?

A: Whatever it takes. If it’s on the ground or in the air, it may be a key block, whatever it takes to win, I’m down for it. Since I’ve been here, we’ve had a lot of talent, we just have to get over that point, as far as winning and getting to the playoffs. It starts this week, everybody here is committed, especially on the offense. Every meeting, every practice, we’re committed to win games so everybody has a big role. We’re looking forward to doing it.

Q: Is there a workload balance between doing all you can to help this team win and carry as much as possible to that end, and not being worked perhaps to the point of exhaustion?

A: Well at the end of the day we’re all competitors. We’re in this game to compete, to make plays. And the guys upstairs, their job is to get talent, so a player doesn’t get overworked. Then if a guy gets hurt (knocks on wood), or just tired, then the next guy can replace him and do well. That’s what building a team is all about, you build that for these types of things, and I think that’s what we’re doing. We have the guys in the room that can play, and my job, role, whatever it is, I want to do it. The guys behind me, they’ll step in and make plays, and that’s what having a team is all about.

Q: [Coach] Sean said he might play you every play, if that’s what it takes to win. Would you ever tell him no, I’m not feeling it, would you always say yes to it?

A: I’m a player, I like to play, I like to compete. Guys on other teams, I’m sure the Jets, they’ll tell you that, that I like to compete. I’m always up for a challenge, but I am human, and I think that [in] football, guys get tired, they come out. Like I said before, that’s what building a whole roster is all about. You have these preseason games, guys are scouting players and evaluating how good they are, that’s what it’s for. So if something happens, you have a guy that can play. [Nathan] Peterman, however that shakes out, if Tyrod was hurt or couldn’t play, you build for the worst scenario, and that’s a good example. If I’m a coach, I’m going to play my guys, the best players. But, you build a team because anything can happen in this game. It’s a physical game, it’s four quarters, and [so] you have to build the depth. We’ll be fine, our backfield is strong.

Q: LeSean, I know your question and commitment to this team is, your belief in this team is unquestioned. Does it tick you off in anyway when people play off this matchup and say these are two teams that are rebuilding and are going nowhere, when you hear maybe from your friends or whoever, that the Bills don’t have high expectations?

A: I hope my friends wouldn’t say that. Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion. Some teams where people may feel like it is a rebuilding year or whatever, but the way we prepare, the way I prepare, the way I practice, the way I come to every game, you know I wanna win now. I wanna play well, I wanna give my team a chance to win. You may be right, as far as people having their own opinions about two teams that I guess were rebuilding you know etcetera etcetera. My sense in guys I’m playing with and for, we’re trying to win now.

Q: Rex said he’s not watching this game…

A: Is that what Rex said? Well I’m gonna text him, man, I’m gonna text him, and ask him, you know, check the game out, see how I do.

Q: Sean [McDermott] said he’s very hopeful that Cordy’s [Glenn] gonna be able to play. With him on the field, even if he’s only at 90-percent, 80-percent, whatever it is, with him on the field, what does that mean to this offensive line?

A: Well, Cordy’s really good, at actually protecting kind of the blind side, the back side is important. You know, and also being selfish in the running game, he does a good job, so I would love to have him out there. Each day at a time, he’s getting healthy, hopefully he plays, you know, see how he’s doing. I would love to have him out there. But the guys behind him, they’ve been working hard. The rookie has really stepped up and showed some true talent and true ability, there’s a lot of potential. Like I said before, the guys get their shot to play, I’m a proven example of that. I remember coming in with Brian Westbrook, Andy Reid wouldn’t look my way at all, and then I got my shot, got better, built more confidence with myself and with the coaches, like “damn, this kid can play a little bit”, so keep going and going and just builds confidence with an offense from the coaches down to the players.

Q: LeSean, what have you been told or how are you expecting goal line carries to shake out between you and Mike [Tolbert]?

A: I’m not sure, I hope I get more than he does. But, one thing I’ve learned is you can’t be too selfish, you know obviously, I’m gonna get a bunch of low looking carries, and he’s a bigger, stronger, more physical runner than I am, it is what it is. So if he has times for me to get short yardage, I’m sure he’ll go in and get it. But there’s gonna be times when I’ll be in there, so hopefully, that’ll balance it out, that’s more for the coaches, they’ll work that out. I got stuff to really worry about, but now, if I go all the way down the field, you know, at the 2 yard line and take me out, I think Sean might give me a bone and let me get it, so we’ll see.


QB Tyrod Taylor

Q: Welcome back, how do you feel?

A: I’m good, I’m great.

Q: How difficult was the process for you? I’m not sure if you’ve had a concussion before, but it seems like it’d be a little bit of a scary thing.

A: Yeah, it’s definitely something as a football player you don’t want to go through. There’s a lot of steps to get back onto the field. Things have changed over the past few years as far as the steps to get a player back on the field, they want to go through all the precautionary stuffs, and just have to see it through. I feel good, I’ve been feeling well for a while now, but like I said, you have to respect their end of the process and them trying to get me back on the field as quickly as possible.

Q: Do you feel up to stuff, as far as the offense, physically, all that stuff? You’re good? You’re back?

A: Yes, I’m back. Offensively, had a great practice today. I feel good, it’s game week, my focus is on whatever we have to do to go out and play at a high level and take care of business Sunday, but I’m glad to be back on the field. I’d say even though it was a couple days being off, you take that away from a guy that does this for a living, it’s definitely tough watching your guys go out there and you can’t participate and have fun with those guys.

Q: Tyrod, all that said about respecting the process, which is right, is it kind of frustrating on your end, that you felt like maybe you were ready, if you did, and you have to go through that even though you have to respect the process, maybe a couple years ago, you would’ve been out on the field before things have changed with this situation?

A: Yes, but I definitely understand. To every athlete, football is a short span of your life, and your health goes on past football, so you have to do everything right. I guess to make sure you’re out there and you’re out there safe and out there the way you’re supposed to be and functioning the way you’re supposed to be.

Q: Were you allowed to even get in your book when you were off the practice field? I’m just kind of curious how big the restrictions were, did you have to go sit in a dark room or …?

A: I think they’ve come a long way from the dark room days. I was actually able to be in the facility. I wasn’t able to work out, maybe twice, throughout the time I was off, but once the headache gets clear, which I didn’t really have that symptom too much longer after I actually played in the game, you can start moving forward in the process, and I was able to be here and watch film. Looking forward to the Jets and talking with Coach [Rick Dennison] and Coach [David Culley] and just getting on the same page as what were going to do leading into this week so, I haven’t just been completely away from the game. I’ve been studying and staying sharp, just waiting for this moment to be back on the field with the guys.

Q: With respect to the passing game and the chemistry there, you’ve been out for a while, Jordan [Matthews] hasn’t been completely immersed in it, in terms of live bullets obviously in the preseason. How much of this is going to be a little bit on the fly, despite your best efforts to be prepared as possible?

A: We’re grinding away each and every day on the field, getting in as many extra reps as possible, and also just talking through things. We have a locker that’s right beside each other, so we’re able to talk through a bunch of things, and we’ve had two practices now when we’ve been able to actually work on some things on the field, counting the stuff we and prior to them, I know he was just coming back from a chest injury, but we’ve been grinding away at it. At the end of the day, we have to go out there and play ball as a team. Me and him, we’ll be on the same page, we’ll see the same things, the same way, have to let our athletic ability go out when we go out there and take over.

Q: How much do you feel you have to prove yourself this season?

A: In this league, everyone has to prove themselves, and I’ve taken that approach since I been drafted day one, 6th rounder. Of course I have to prove myself every time I lace my shoes up, I know the people that are watching. I have something to prove to myself every time I step on the field, so that’s the main thing. More importantly, it’s not about me, it’s about this team, getting this team to where we set our goals, me doing my job as part of it, and that’s what I’m going to focus on, but also getting others to do their job as well.

Q: Sean [McDermott] talked about you doing your job, being one eleventh of the offense, is there a, are you trying to make sure you don’t do too much in this offense, especially when you have all these new pieces in receivers?

A: We have a bunch of weapons, there’s definitely going to call for times where I have to go out there and make a play, but there’s definitely guys on the offensive side of the ball capable of going out there and making plays as well too. We’re doing a good job of getting balls to those guys, and we’re going to keep doing it.

Q: What does that mean to you, when [Sean McDermott] was asked the question of his expectation of you, came back with “do your job, be one eleventh of the offense”. Quarterback position seems to be an exception to that in many cases though, how do you perceive that?

A: I mean, that’s our starting point for our team, like you said, one eleventh, do your job. It speaks across each unit; offense, defense, special teams, each person doing their job. Of course the quarterback gets looked at in a different space, but at the same time, it boils down to me going out there and executing to the best of my ability each play. I believe that’s what he’s talking about from the conversations with him, that’s what he’s looking for from each player. Like you said, my position is definitely looked at a little differently because I’m the one leading the group. As long as I’m out there doing my job, it gives the other guys confidence to go out there and make plays as well.

Q: The expectation is that Cordy [Glenn]’s going to be good to go for Sunday. How much of a relief is that for you?

A: Definitely, a great thing to have him back there on the field. I know how hard he’s worked this offseason, battling through multiple injuries, but he has a passion for the game. He wants to be out there with us. You can see the frustration on his face in the days of him not being out there, but he definitely wants to be on the field and he loves to get his practice in. It’s definitely great to have, love to have him back, but not to take anything away from Dion [Dawkins] because he played well, Jordan [Mills] played well and all those guys played well, but it’s good to have Cordy on the field.

Q: With respect to the Jets defense, I know Todd Bowles is still kind of running that thing, with all of the turnover they’ve had in terms of personnel, probably more than most teams in a year, and being week one, not a lot of real game take to go off of, can you just maybe speak to the challenge that that might offer? I mean it probably goes both ways, but just for you guys on your side of the ball.

A: We believe that as a philosophy, the things he’s done over the past years. He’s a great coordinator, coach, and we have to be prepared for everything. He’s definitely going to show you multiple looks regardless of who the guy is on the field. He has a scheme that’s stayed true over the years. It’s definitely going to be different pieces out there, but we have to go out there and execute the multiple looks that we’re going to get.

Q: How different will it be, don’t want to give away the secret to the sauce here, from the preseason, like how limited really  were you guys? I mean the things we saw, how different will it look in the regular season of how much you’ll do on offense?

A: Can I answer that?

Q: As best as you can, I mean what we saw, I’m assuming really wasn’t-

A: Yeah, the only game-plan, and not even a full game-plan, we game planned one game out of the preseason was more so getting a feel for guys and getting on the same page with guys but it’s also limited reps out there with different groups, people moving in, transactions being made, stuff happens, but I think where this team is, especially on the offensive side of the ball because I spend so much time with those guys, there’s a bunch of playmakers in there, and they’re eager to go out there and show what they can do. They have a running back in the back field, LeSean McCoy is definitely eager to go out there and prove people wrong as he’s done each and every year of his career, but we’re just excited. Charles Clay has been looking very strong, as well as Nick O’Leary, and across the board. I could say something about all those guys, but I think as an offense, we’re eager to go out and prove to ourselves we can do it, and also prove to other people that they’re wrong.

Q: Tyrod, in the past, you’ve had Sammy [Watkins], Marquise [Goodwin], to an extent as your number one deep ball guy. This team doesn’t appear to have that. If you need to rear back and beef one, who’s your guy right now? Who’s the guy who’s going to get deep and blow past someone?

A: Zay [Jones] right now. He’s one of our deep throw guys, Andre [Holmes] can run as well, of course, Jordan [Matthews] is playing inside for the most part, but Zay is a fast guy, can definitely take the top off when we need, but we have to work to whatever our guy’s strengths are, and that’s what [Rick Dennison] is doing. He’s doing a good job of creating a plan that helps us go out there and play at a high level with our strengths.

Q: Last year, you were pretty adamant at the end of the year that the starting job was taken from you, does that, going into this year and knowing what’s at stake, does that stick in your head as far as motivation, anything like that?

A: No, I learned from last year, put it behind me, move forward. It’s a new team, new coaches, my mindset is just to get better each and every day on the practice field and carry everything over the things that we work on to the football field on Sundays and go out there and help this team win games. Like I said, just learn from last year.

Q: What did you learn from that experience?

A: A lot. It’s a lot that I learned more from it, but the main thing would be just to go out there and execute. There’s definitely sometimes on the field I felt like we, I, left some plays out there on the field. As a team, we could’ve been in a better place had we converted on a couple of drives, late in the game on certain games, but just more so the execution side, I definitely think I left some plays out there on the field.

Q: Tyrod, in regards to your injury recovery, just curious if you, how many concussions you’ve had in your career, in your lifetime, and if you’ve been through that before?

A: One documented other than the one that I just had. That was in 2013.

Q: You mentioned earlier about getting assimilated with your receivers, all things considered, you didn’t have much time in the preseason to work on it. How much of a challenge was it coming into this week, knowing you guys had a limited amount of time?

A: I’m comfortable with the chemistry that we have, like I said, we spent a bunch of time after practice and a bunch of time watching film with each other, getting on the same page. Everything is not going to be reps, reps, reps. A lot of things we’re going to have to be able to talk through and get on the same page mentally, so when we’re out there physically we can just go out there and react. I’m comfortable where we are, just have to continue to keep getting better.

Q: What does it mean for you to be elected captain by your teammates?

A: As Coach [Sean McDermott] said earlier, I probably was the only one, most of those other guys are older veterans. I had a smile on my face, it’s something that I’m proud of. I thank my teammates for electing me as the team captain, it means a lot to me for sure. The things that I do on a daily basis, putting time in just to help this team win games, but it’s definitely going to take a collective effort as far as the captain and the group. It’s not one guy over another, but definitely something that I’m proud of.


CB Tre’Davious White

Q: Jamal Adams asked you, he said he facetimed with your Mom four times a week, but [you guys] don’t talk about football, what do you talk about?
A: How you doing, how your body holding up, stuff like that. His dad and my dad talk all the time on the phone. It’s just like a family thing, it’s all personal in stuff that we talk about. What would you talk about with your brother? Stuff like that.

Q: Who’s getting more picks this year?
A: Me or Jamal? Competitive spirit is going to come in, so I’m going to sit here and say myself.

Q: Getting ready for week one, your first NFL game, what’s the feeling? Nerves, excitement, how’re you taking it?
A: Definitely excitement, knowing all the work that I’ve put in over the offseason, then going into camp. Now, the preparation I’m putting in, I’m excited to see how all this hard work is going to pay off.

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