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Letter: Popular vote is moot; Trump won the election

Popular vote is moot; Trump won the election

I must respond to the Aug. 31 letter which, like so many other postings throughout cyberspace, plays the same tired “Donald Trump didn’t win the popular vote” card.

Looking up the 2016 election map, Hillary Clinton’s popular vote margin was largely because of the California vote, in which some 2.6 million votes were the difference. However, the Founders set up the Electoral College for this reason – to give every state, every community, a voice in determining who should be president. They didn’t want the large population centers dominating national public policy; they believed that every community’s interests should be considered.

Now, that writer also said something about “alternative facts.” Clinton’s 3-million vote margin in the popular vote is indeed an alternative (viz: off-to-the-side) fact. President Trump got enough votes in key places to gain the Electoral College score of 306 to Hillary’s 232, which is the prevailing (viz: of-record) fact.

Lastly: regardless how nuanced you try to say it, the “Hillary won the popular vote” card, and $1, will get you coffee at McDonald’s.

Lloyd A. Marshall Jr.


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