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Letter: It makes no sense to cut taxes for corporations

It makes no sense to cut taxes for corporations

President Trump’s speech for tax reform suggested a tax cut for corporations from 35 percent to 15 percent. Why does tax reform always mean a tax cut? Why are conservative Republicans cutting taxes when we have a $19 trillion debt? That doesn’t sound conservative to me.

Corporations are more likely to hire tax consultants than pay higher taxes anyhow. So the president’s suggestions mean nothing. General Electric has 1,000 tax attorneys and hasn’t paid federal taxes for years.

I think selling bonds for a trillion-dollar infrastructure repair is a great idea with the price of money being so low today. At least this would benefit everybody in the country and not just the top 1 percent.

Corporations demand excellent infrastructure like transportation and communication, so they can swiftly sell their wares.

What is lacking is the willingness to pay the price for civilization. Why is it up to the middle- and lower-classes to pick up the slack? Wouldn’t the top 1 percent get rewarded if their skin was in the game, too?

Richard Czarnecki


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