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What They Said: Sean McDermott, Nathan Peterman & Jordan Johnson after the Bills-Lions preseason game

Bills coach Sean McDermott

Q: Your thoughts on your first victory? Congratulations.
A: Appreciate it. I was proud of the way the guys played. They’ve worked extremely hard. To go back to the spring and the leadership, the young guys that you saw here tonight, that was fun to watch. I thought they were sharp [and] did a good job.  

Q: What were your observations of [Nate] Peterman’s performance through the first half tonight?
A: I thought he was sharp. He moved the offense. I liked what he did. They got into a rhythm. I thought [Rick Dennison] did a good job. We mixed in some runs, a good blend of runs and passes, stayed pretty balanced and we were able to get points on the first drive, which was important. 

Q: Coach, Cordy [Glenn] playing – was this more to get him some live action or to see if he is ready for week one?
A: Well, I thought he did a good job and we had him on a rep count and really, it’s about acclimating him to the game and game speeds. You want to practice, we practice fast, but at the same time you want to get him out there on the field so that next week wasn’t his first look at it for the season. I thought he did a good job and credit to our training staff and Cordy for getting out there. This is a step in the right direction. 

Q: What’s the situation with Tyrod Taylor?
A: Still in the concussion protocol.  

Q: He was on the sideline, though. That’s a good sign, I guess?
A: Yeah. Concussion protocol. 

Q: Did whatever Nate did, it was only a quarter, but whatever he did then, does that help your comfort that if it does come to him starting in the opener, you have some level of comfort or confidence?
A: Yeah, I think it’s bigger than that. I think it’s developing a young player. Regardless of what position is developing a young player, bringing along, in this case, a quarterback, we wanted to get him out there and get him a good look at a couple of series and I thought he did a good job. [He] was in command, moved the offense like I said before, and this is all about developing one of our younger players and Nate did a good job.  

Q: Next week, what is your policy on playing a player in a game and not practice? Specifically, Tyrod’s not playing in practice but he’s maybe ready for Sunday?
A: We’ll see. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. A long time between now and when that game week clicks in for some people so we’ll see.  

Q: But you don’t have a set policy on need to practice in order to play?
A: No. Those can be tricky. You’ve got all different types of situations out there and so we evaluate those on an individual basis. 

Q: Sean, would you agree though with Brandon Beane who said on one of the TV stations that in Tyrod Taylor’s mind, he says he’s ready. He believes he’s going to be ready for the opener and [Beane] tends to agree with that. Would you agree with Brandon Beane had to say to that?
A: Yeah, I’m not going to get into that any further. Tyrod is in the concussion protocol and that’s where it lies at this point.  

Q: Sean, the commissioner said yesterday again that he doesn’t think that you need four of these preseason games. What do you have to say?
A: I know for a first-time head coach, I think it was good for us to get out there and evaluate some of our younger players. We were looking at a couple of positions of competition where we had some position battles going on. For us, in the position we’re in, it was good to take that fourth game and get to see our guys get out there and compete. 

Q: You had Kevon [Seymour] in the slot. Was that a byproduct of Leonard [Johnson] not playing tonight? Or is he going to be transitioning back inside?
A: Well, he does offer a position of flexibility. He’s played inside, he’s played outside, he played both tonight as you saw. He did that a little bit last year as well so there’s, being able to play two positions is important and there’s value in that. 

Q: Coach, you have until Saturday at 4:00, but is it something that you’re pretty sure on with a lot of areas? Do you just have to shore some things up or will you guys pretty much go to the deadline to make those decisions?
A: We’ll see. Brandon and I have some long conversations to be had at this point and that’s what these players deserve, too. They’ve given us everything. They’ve put it on the line, they’ve given us great effort, and to walk into that office and say ‘hey, let’s just do,’ no. These guys played hard and they deserve for us to give it it’s due at this point.  

Q: Sean, we saw a bit of a conference on the field ahead of the game with Marcell [Dareus], Mike Waufle and a couple of the trainers. Were you considering playing Marcell today?
A: No, we just wanted to see him get out and test his hip situation and warm up. I thought he looked good in warm-ups [and] looked good in practice yesterday so, no. We were just testing it out to see what it felt like. 

Q: Coach, the run game all the way through tonight? It seemed pretty consistent. What did you think about that?
A: Yeah, two hundred-some-odd yards. I thought they ran the ball well, and really different people touching the ball. It wasn’t all one back. Jonathan [Williams] had a couple good carries, Joe [Banyard] had a couple good carries, and Taiwan [Jones] and Jordan [Johnson] came in. Great to see Jordan, hometown product scored the touchdown at the end, he broke the team down. You know, that’s the great part of the preseason and [we’re] happy when you can see a young man, who’s worked hard, get a chance and make the most of it.  

Q: I know it’s preseason, but there seems to be a prevailing sense of people who have watched Nathan Peterman. Do you believe he might be more suited into this offense than Tyrod? 

A: Listen, Tyrod’s our starter, number one. The second part, is Nathan is a young player that is developing. It’s important that we bring him along and do the right things by that process that needs to take place. I was proud of the way he handled the offense tonight in the game, and the situations he was in. That same can be said for a lot of other guys out there. I thought we played clean football for the most part, and that goes back to the way you work during the week. They earned the right to win, and the results were on the field tonight. My hat goes off to those guys. 

Q: Only five penalties, you have to be encouraged by that, only five penalties tonight? 

A: Yeah, it was good. We’re working, it’s going in the right direction, we have a long way to go though. Guys played fast, they were sharp. They were in good position most of the night and did a good job. 

Q: Injuries? 

A: Very little information at this point. I know [Michael] Ola had the ankle. And [Jerel] Worthy, he’s in concussion protocol at this point. 

Q: Brandon Reilly came out, had his pads off and all, was he just done for the night? 

A: Yeah, he’s being evaluated right now. That’s all I really know at this point about Brandon.  

Q: Concussion evaluation or what? 

A: I don’t know anything further at this point.  

Q: Tonight’s obviously about bubble guys trying to make the 53-man roster, any of those guys catch your eye in this game? 

A: Well, there was a lot of good moments in that game, that’s exactly what we’re looking for.  Hard to say any more, to drill down any further on that, I haven’t looked at the film. We’ll know a little more at this time tomorrow obviously. 

Bills QB Nathan Peterman 

 Q: Nate two drives, two scores tonight. I mean is this what you were hoping to get out of the game tonight? 

A: Yes sir. Obviously for me I wish we could have scored two touchdowns tonight. I was a little behind Nick (O’Leary) on that third down throw. There’s always things to get better on. 

Q: It seemed like the whole preseason has been a positive experience for you. Did this whole preseason go by for you? Is there anything you could have done? 

A: Just when I go look back at plays. I could have done better. I think I left a little bit out there in the earlier games and obviously tonight. That pass back there probably could have went for a touchdown. Things I know I was working on and a lot of motivation for me going forward. 

Q: With only you and Keith healthy and status of Tyrod and TJ up the air, was there any instruction tonight to be smart, slide, throw it away, or stuff like that? 

A: There’s instruction for that every week. You know obviously us being smart with our body. I just went out there and played and just tried to do what I can. 

RB Jordan Johnson


Q: What was it like getting in the end zone on that run? 

A: It was a good feeling. The RBs, it’s a good room, they told me just go out there and play and give everything I got because you never know. 

Q: You know the uphill climb it is, but looking back at this thing as a whole, what did you accomplish and what was it like for you? 

A: First and foremost, it’s a blessing to be here. To get this opportunity, I’m humble in many ways. I leave it out there on the field and I’m glad I got this opportunity to be here on my hometown team. 

Q: How frustrating was it to not get a chance in a game until tonight, the last one? 

A: It wasn’t frustrating, you have to understand, I’m an undrafted free agent. I have to make my way in practice, and try to make the team that way, in the spare minutes that I do get in the game. 

Q: Regardless of what happens with cuts, do you feel satisfied with your performance throughout training camp and throughout preseason? 

A: It’s a blessing, I can’t be mad if I don’t make the team, that’s up to God, God put me in this situation, so if it’s my plan to be here, then that’s up to God, only God knows. 

Q: Do you feel like you made some kind of statement tonight though? 

A: That’s up to the coaches. I went out there and played as hard as I can. 

 Transcripts courtesy of the Buffalo Bills

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