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Letter: Severe storms should serve as a wake-up call

Severe storms should serve as a wake-up call

Granted, global warming does not cause hurricanes but scientists agree that it increases the intensity of those storms. In 2005, Katrina devastated Louisiana. Now, in 2017, Harvey has devastated parts of Texas.

Harvey is being classified as the worst storm in the history of our country. How many of these 500-year and 1,000-year storms are going to happen before the deniers of man-made global warming realize the truth?

Since the start of the Industrial Revolution, man has contributed huge amounts of greenhouse gases to the environment. That amount continues to increase. We are now starting to see the cost of that pollution.

Our president calls this “fake news” created by the Chinese. Please take the time to register your concerns with our elected officials. Not speaking up makes us part of the problem.

Robert Makey


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