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Letter: President’s priorities are himself and money

President’s priorities are himself and money

I’ve been a “flaming liberal” most of my life. I could easily and vigorously defend the left’s accomplishments for the elderly, for working men and women, for civil and voting rights, for fostering many into the middle class, and for improvements to our environment, infrastructure and natural resources. Liberals are in the forefront of battling global warming and enhancing clean energy.

As a toddler in the 1930s, and later until 1945, there was only one president, Franklin D. Roosevelt. Elected four times, he saw us through the Great Depression and World War II. His “Fireside Chats” guided and reassured us. But he wasn’t perfect, as no president is. He made some mistakes and a few horrible and regrettable decisions.

But the current occupant of the White House, while degrading the presidency, is a man uniquely unqualified for any political office. I and many other retirees watch in disbelief as his daily utterances and tweets either make no policy sense, are verifiable lies, provoke neighbor against ethnic neighbor or play to our worst instincts. Not for country, nor for jobs or infrastructure, nor for life’s betterment, monologues and speeches first concern himself, or his adoring crowd sizes.

Millions of Republicans, as much as anybody else, care about their party and love their country. I believe most, but certainly not all, are deeply aggrieved at their election mistake, as well as language heard from this president. Psychiatrists among us have varying degrees of diagnoses of him.

Before our Constitution and our republic are truly under siege from the chaos, good citizens, regardless of persuasion or policy, must urge House members to vote for articles of impeachment. Let’s allow the president’s money, most primary to him, to follow him out of office and, for us, end this national nightmare!

Leonard Gross

East Amherst

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