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Letter: Trump is too unstable, he should be removed

Trump is too unstable, he should be removed

Here are a few terms to describe President Trump: arrogant, liar, braggart, insecure, delusional, name caller, embarrassment, unstable, scary. I think I am being kind by not getting too graphic. He seems to create some type of controversy every day.

How many people in his administration have either resigned or been fired since January? World leaders do not know how he will react to any given situation. This man has the power to start a nuclear war without so much as a powerful override from his top military advisers. Can he remain in control during a major world event? He refuses to take advice from his senior staff, even when he is obviously wrong.

The only way to really “make America great again” is to have the president either resign or removed from office by the legislative process. It’s time for our top political leaders from both parties to take an objective look at the damage Trump is doing and stand up to his destructive ways.

William J. Belz Jr.


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