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Letter: Planners are once again sketching bad scenarios

Planners are once again sketching bad scenarios

Imagine: Waiting for a red light to walk from one side of Delaware Park to the other. Taking off one’s cross-country skis, and then remounting, to experience all the acreage. Not being able to continuously jog or bike without stopping midpark for a red light. Taking kids to play in a park, and then suppressing their frolicking so they can cross. Snacking at the food stand, but only after using one of seven intersections to get to it. Confronting cars at one of seven intersections, worrying if all drivers are alert.

The original Scajaquada plan, the football stadium’s location, Humboldt Parkway, University at Buffalo’s North Campus, Robert Moses Parkway, the Skyway, Niagara Thruway and now yet another inadequate, same old shortsighted plan. Shame!

Richard H. Gordon


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