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Letter: Let’s all help victims of Hurricane Harvey

Let’s all help victims of Hurricane Harvey

As Western New Yorkers, we are fortunate that the hurricane hitting the Gulf Coast states isn’t parked on our doorstep. After the last storms here dumped 2 to 3 inches of rain, causing flooding and erosion, one cannot even imagine what 50 inches of rain is capable of.

This is not a time for petty politics or anti-anything sentiment. This is a time when a nation needs to pull together and help those in desperate need.

You can donate through various organizations, but be careful to check them out to be sure what percentage of the money you donate actually goes where it is intended. Some high-profile charities are top-heavy with overhead so investigate before you donate.

The images of children without socks and shoes and parents with only the clothes on their backs just goes to show the seriousness of the situation, and it is not over yet. At this writing, Hurricane Harvey is still active, and more storms are brewing.

So maybe you go without that latte for a week. You will be doing a great service to humanity by donating to help these folks in their time of need.

Charles D. Carter


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