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Letter: Government betrayed retirees of Teamsters

Government betrayed retirees of Teamsters

Imagine working outside, in minus-10 degree temperatures, fueling propane tractors for eight hours during the midnight hours. Imagine the Teamsters Union electing to forgo any pay raises for four years so that its Health and Hospital Fund and pension benefits will give us a retirement to be proud of.

Then comes the Multiemployer Pension Reform Act of 2014. I recently received a notice that as of Oct. 1, I will receive a 29 percent cut in my pension benefit. It grieves me to think that our government required our pension fund in the past to disburse its funds in that it was fully funded. Yet now, that same government is turning its back on its senior citizens.

I suspect that many seniors will no longer make their mortgage payments and will be forced out of their homes. Most will be unemployable because of their age or work-related disabilities.

I am a Marine veteran of the Vietnam War who has worked all my life since 8 years old. I have always been proud to be an American. I am puzzled that our legislators would enact any policy that would do so much damage to our senior citizens in New York State. How many more sacrifices must I make before it breaks my spirit of being a proud American citizen?

Mario Bonafede

Town of Tonawanda

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