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Letter: Exactly who is paying for Trump’s pep rallies?

Exactly who is paying for Trump’s pep rallies?

Only an egocentric, self-absorbed person could see himself being nominated for an office he can’t handle. Which raises the question of who is paying for the president’s campaign rallies with a little over three years left in a completely dysfunctional first term.

These ego trips are totally disruptive and annoying to the majority of the American people. If you want to keep in touch with those who kiss your ring, send them postcards to explain what you’re really trying to do. You can pay for the stamps so the nation isn’t burdened with any more debt.

I realize this sounds juvenile and vindictive, but that’s what we’re stuck with. I hope Trump or the RNC is paying for these rallies.

P.S. It’s never to late to pick up your marbles and go home. (Please!)

Frank Maddock


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