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Letter: Enforce speed limit on the Scajaquada

Enforce speed limit on the Scajaquada

We support the Olmsted Parks Conservancy and other groups in their position on Route 198. However, unless there is continuous enforcement of the speed limit on that road, whatever is done will have no impact on the speed of the drivers.

We travel Route 198 frequently, on varying days of the week, at varying times. Only once in the past year have we seen a police car. Never have we seen anyone pulled over.

Instead, what we regularly experience is vehicles passing us at the old speed limit (or greater), weaving in and out of the lanes to pass others going the new speed limit, and vehicles running right up to our car and then swerving to the other lane at the last moment.

We don’t know who is responsible for enforcement of the speed limit, but we ask that you please significantly increase your enforcement. It’s only a matter of time before there’s yet another serious accident.

Judith Spokes


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