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Letter: Cards are stacked against many Teamsters retirees

Cards are stacked against many Teamsters retirees

I am being threatened with a 29 percent reduction in my New York State Teamsters pension. Voting ballots have been sent out and received. There is a certain segment of the membership who should not be allowed to vote, but are receiving ballots just the same. In order to be allowed to vote, a person should have an immediate vested interest in the contents of the specific proposal. The current proposal clearly states that anyone 80 years of age, and anyone who is currently on a disability pension, will not have his income decreased by even one penny. That being said, why are these people receiving ballots?

This is not about the long-term viability of the fund. If it was, everyone would be taking the exact same percentage of reduction. I have thought, through my entire adult life, that I had a true understanding of what equality means. I guess not! Why would anyone who will lose nothing monetarily vote no to the current proposal?

If this a New York issue, why are the ballots being mailed to Oregon with a time deadline? Clearly the cards are stacked against anyone wishing to cast a no vote. It would take this entire paper to explain the shady overcasts to this vote. It is being ramrodded through to make sure it is approved, plain and simple. The well will dry up, even if approved. Total incompetence of money managers will win out!

Dennis Ressman


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