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What national media is saying about the Bills: Trades, discipline and LeSean McCoy

1. Sporting News: New Bills GM showing guts and taking risks by trading high-profile starters

Jeff Diamond, a former president of the Titans and former vice president/general manager of the Vikings, writes that new Bills GM Brandon Beane “proved he has some cajones by trading away three talented players this month, all of whom were recent high draft picks of the previous regime.”

Beane, of course, traded former No. 4 overall pick Sammy Watkins to the Rams, 2015 second-rounder Ronald Darby to the Eagles and 2016 second-rounder Reggie Ragland to the Chiefs, acquiring draft picks and replacement players in the process. The moves set the team back a bit this season and distanced it from the previous regime while gearing up for the future.

Diamond wondered if Beane could be too heavily influenced by coach Sean McDermott:

“Is the GM listening too much to his coach, who likely was telling him Watkins, Darby and Ragland were not his kinds of players? Allowing a coach to engage in house-cleaning is a dangerous game for a GM.”

Bills trade Ragland to Chiefs for 2019 4th-round pick

The article ends on a strange note, with the last line reading:

“Beane just has to hope he's the one making the selections in April.”

The story mentions a few reasons a few reasons why Beane may not have as much job security as he thinks, but suggesting he could be fired after his first season is a reach. The Pegulas just fired the coaches of their football and hockey teams after only two years on the job, and both GMs got the boot, too. Terry Pegula hates the word dysfunction, but if he fires Beane after his first season without a major incident, that’s exactly what it would scream.

2. CBS Sports: There are no sacred cows in Buffalo as new Bills regime lays down the law

CBS’ Jason La Canfora happened to be in an interesting spot last week, when a late-arriving Marcell Dareus pulled into the Ravens’ stadium right in front of him.

Dareus was sent home from the game shortly after. The swift discipline continued a trend for the Bills under the McDermott-Beane regime that no one is above the law, the article said:

“There have been plenty of indications early in the regime of rookie head coach Sean McDermott and rookie general manager Brandon Beane that the Bills are going to be managed in a manner diametrically opposed to the laissez-faire atmosphere of the doomed Rex Ryan/Doug Whaley coupling.”

La Canfora added that players like Dareus “are clearly on notice that what was once tolerated or laughed off is no longer.”

The article goes on to make mention of the “culture change” needed to end the playoff drought, the idea that Dareus could be next to go if his contract wasn’t so bloated, and that the roster overhaul isn’t near complete.

McDermott: Dareus' contract a factor in how far Bills can go with discipline

One line worth noting: “Evaluating this regime on this season doesn't make much sense.”

That’s a point worth harping on. Lower your expectations for the 2017 Bills. The organization seems set on playing for the future. That’s not the same as tanking; it’s just good business. Sure, the Bills’ playoff odds took a hit with the trades, but they weren’t that high to begin with. So they took a small hit this year on moves that should provide a gain in the future.

3. ProFootballTalk: LeSean McCoy apparently forgets the Mike Vick era in Philly

Bills running back LeSean McCoy made waves with his take on free agent Colin Kaepernick, saying the quarterback isn’t good enough to be worth the potential distraction.

While many lesser quarterbacks were signed or invited to training camp while Kaepernick has no offers, ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio took issue with McCoy for another reason, finding irony in the statements made by a player who was on the Eagles when they gave Mike Vick another chance after being convicted of dogfighting. Florio wrote:

“For McCoy’s Eagles, Vick’s distractions clearly outweighed his perceived talent as of 2009. But the Eagles embraced Vick without hesitation or reservation — and without engaging in a prolonged fit of public neurosis over whether they should or shouldn’t sign him.”

“… So Vick was able to get a job as a backup quarterback in only weeks before the start of football season despite substantial distractions (and flat-out illegal, immoral, and sociopathic behavior) but Kaepernick can’t, due to ‘distractions’ arising from an exercise of rights that violate no laws or NFL rules — and he plans to stand for the anthem in 2017.”

Sounds about right.

LeSean McCoy on Kaepernick: 'He’s not really that good of a player to deal with'

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