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Letter: Nuclear plants are safe, essential to state energy

Nuclear plants are safe, essential to state energy

As a former nuclear power plant manager of Indian Point 2, I was disappointed with the misinformation in the Aug. 21 Another Voice column, “State shouldn’t bail out nuclear plants.”

New York’s in-state nuclear fleet is unequivocally safe and has served as the backbone of the state’s energy generation for decades. For more than 50 years, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has overseen the operations of all nuclear power plants in the United States – without a single radiological-related death. Those who work in the nuclear industry understand that our No. 1 job is safety – for those employed at the plants and those in the surrounding communities. In fact, nuclear plants have made New York a far cleaner and safer place because they do not produce any air pollution, as fossil plants do.

Our nuclear fleet provides reliable, emission-free energy to the region and a solid economic base, particularly in the host communities of Ontario and Oswego. Thousands of jobs rely on the continued operation of Ginna, FitzPatrick and Nine Mile Point. The loss of these upstate plants would cost New York billions of dollars in economic value.

The fearmongering against our safe nuclear plants must end. Our state has run on nuclear power for 55 years and must continue to do so to meet energy demand, spur economic growth and keep the air clean in New York.

John Basile

Board of Directors

New York Affordable Reliable Electricity Alliance

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