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Letter: It was wonderful to see eclipse bring us together

It was wonderful to see eclipse bring us together

While watching the wondrous experience of the moon slipping in front of the sun, I was suddenly aware of this happening being twofold. First, the wonderment of this amazing occurrence in nature and how it minimizes humanity’s place within the entire system. And secondly, the happy awareness of the homogeneity within the large gathering in back of the Science Museum.

Although I am ever aware of and in awe of the happenings in nature, the inner joy I experienced was – and, in retrospect, still is – the awareness of the associations of the people gathered in that large open area.

There were black people, white people, people from the Middle East, people from the Far East, babies in buggies and people in wheelchairs – and all those in between talking, walking and sitting with each other and with the common bond of the time – watching the eclipse. The chatter around me was so obviously congenial, regardless of who was speaking to whom, in retrospect, I can understand why I feel so lighthearted after last week’s observation.

So my recollection of watching the eclipse had a much deeper meaning – gentle camaraderie is possible! What a contrast to the happenings in Charlottesville, Va.

Amy Zeckhauser


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