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Letter: Disregard for science should concern us all

Disregard for science should concern us all

Not as noticeable or headline grabbing as the wall or health care repeal, something more pernicious is taking place, encouraged by the occupier of the White House – removal, destruction and marginalization of the science mission within the federal government.

Since the start of the new administration, references to science and climate change have been removed from federal websites, budgets have been proposed that gut scientific missions that go beyond efficiency efforts and retaliation against climate scientists has occurred.

There are many other such actions underway attacking reason and scientific findings that require aggressive push-back on our part. These anti-science actions have immediate and long-term consequences for our country, including diminishing support of global initiatives to combat the potentially disastrous impacts of climate change.

Meanwhile, Rep. Chris Collins prominently touts his position against gun control to garner more votes. Instead, he should be joining the fight against the Trump administration’s anti-science stance. Collins will tell you that he supports those parts of the federal science budget that protect the Great Lakes, and that he supports climate change mitigation efforts, but only those parts that do not hurt the country economically. Further, he states that complying with the Paris Agreement to reduce climate change impacts is a waste of time and doomed to failure anyway, which is in line with Republican talking points. These positions are merely half-measured attempts to carefully craft his message to maintain a voter edge.

Jerry Malczewski


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