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Letter: Alternative facts do not replace logic and science

Alternative facts do not replace logic and science

In answer to a recent letter, Donald Trump clearly wasn’t “voted by our people” to be president. He lost the popular election by a substantial margin, which is a direct representation of the will of the people. In the popular vote, he lost by 2,868,691 votes.

He carries the least positive numbers in polls of presidential approval of any president since 1953. Since Dwight Eisenhower, the average for a president in the second quarter of his term is 62 percent. Trump’s rating is 38.8 percent, the lowest since they started researching approval ratings. Barack Obama’s rating for the same period in his term was 62 percent. These numbers are from the Gallup organization, which produces an independent, science-based analysis of public opinion.

Judging everything negative that’s reported as lies, jealousy, a revenge by the “losers,” a refusal to accept the truth when what’s reported is the truth, and claiming that the people approve of Trump and his administration are all erroneous. These claims have no credibility because they aren’t the products of critical thinking: free of emotion, bias, prejudice, bigotry, assumptions and inclusive of all the facts and data.

Such are the tenets of how science works. Trying to claim science doesn’t work because it’s a fraud and a sham used by “elites” and “progressives” to fool the public ignores the truths that when science is applied to the design of airplanes, they fly; when it’s applied to medical research, people get healthier; when it’s applied to space exploration, we reach the moon.

Edward Gleason

Niagara Falls

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