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Letter: Trade war, immigration have long been problems

Trade war, immigration have long been problems

The Aug. 15 front page of The News featured an article from the New York Times titled, “Following ‘fire and fury,’ Trump looks to ease tensions in Asia.” The first sentence reads: “President Trump, after days of bellicose threats toward North Korea and jitters about a looming trade war with China ...”

Trade war with China? Really? An astronomical trade imbalance has been in China’s favor for decades. Purposely losing the trade war, abetted by the U.S. government, is how supply-side works to maintain high multinational corporate import profits.

Shame on the Times and The News for perpetrating this misleading interjection, promoting the unbalanced, current supply-side trade and economic policy.

The same kind of subliminal publicity eliciting sympathy for illegal immigration can be observed with positive stories like “Mexicans make up fair’s backbone” and “Guatemalan family gives up on American dream to seek asylum in Canada.” These kinds of presentations misconstrue differentiation between legitimate foreign workers and illegal poachers. They use the word “immigrants” interchangeably to describe interlopers, as well. Even when interjecting the word “undocumented,” it’s like reporting a bank robbery, as “making a withdrawal.” Proactive journalism should not be substituted for news.

Louis L. Boehm

Orchard Park

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