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Letter: Higgins, Collins declined to help Teamsters retirees

Higgins, Collins declined to help Teamsters retirees

I am a retired Teamster looking at a 29 percent reduction in my pension – a direct result of the Multiemployer Pension Reform Act of 2014.

My wife and I wrote Rep. Brian Higgins letters asking for his help in overturning this application with the Treasury Department. His response was one of sympathy. Calling his office recently confirmed that he has done absolutely nothing to help retirees. They asked: What should he have done? It’s hard to believe people working in the political arena every day don’t know what needs to be done. What is more important, tearing down the Skyway or having retirees’ pensions “torn” down? Higgins certainly answered that question!

Concerning Rep. Chris Collins, his office said that I should call Higgins, since I was in his district. After getting no answer concerning Collins’ position, he proceeded to write a letter to the Treasury Department asking it to approve the application, subsequently these cuts! The pension reform law was passed in the dead of night, no discussion; something I keep hearing coming out of his office concerning the NY SAFE Act. Collins shows more concern with how many bullets you can put in a gun than with whether retirees get their pensions.

The lack of action and knowledge concerning this pension issue by both of these representatives is pathetic. They should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. I hope all voters of this area let both of them know, come re-election time, that this behavior is unacceptable! I know I will, along with family, friends and relatives.

James Kalinowski

Teamsters Local 449


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