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Bills' Hughes donates to hurricane relief in home state

It hasn't been easy for Jerry Hughes to be so far from the devastation Hurricane Harvey is causing in his home state of Texas.

The Buffalo Bills' defensive end has family and friends there, and although he knows they're all safe, he's concerned for many others who aren't and all that will be dealing with the aftermath.

That was why Hughes, whose hometown of Sugar Land is southwest of Houston and has been hit hard by the hurricane and flooding, has donated $25,000 to Mayor Sylvester Turner's Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. Hughes also plans to give an additional $5,000 for each sack he makes this season.

"Very tough, just because I grew up from that area, that Sugar Land area that's really getting affected by the flood water," Hughes told reporters Tuesday. "So I understand what the people of Houston are actually going through at this time, and just to see them struggling, where people are actually writing Social Security numbers on their ID ... they're trying to wait out the water, might not have boat access, some people might not be able to swim.

"But it's great see people are actually helping out and so I kind of wanted to just contribute and just do my part and help out a fellow American, a fellow Texan at this time."

Bills players send love to Houston

Hughes said he is constantly texting family and friends, seeking hourly updates.

"I know power may be cutting on and off, I know cell-phone batteries might be low, but just kind of want to just get everyone just to check in, get an update on their status, seeing how they're doing," Hughes said.

He has been trying to share whatever he can find out via the internet on what roads are safe for travel, especially with the looming threat of sink holes being caused by the massive amounts of water, so they can get to higher and dryer locations.

Hughes has used Twitter to call on Bills teammates and fans to donate to the hurricane relief fund.

"Every little bit can help," he said.

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