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Benigni remains undecided on future at Channel 2

Inquiring minds want to know: Has WGRZ-TV's Adam Benigni made up his mind whether he'll stay in news as an anchor or return to sports?

I've had a number of people ask that since Scott Levin decided three weeks ago to return to the station in September as its top male anchor after a brief stint in the automotive business.

There has been some backlash from my readers to Levin's decision to return as anchor. Some supporters of Benigni are even comparing the situation to the time that Jay Leno returned to replace Conan O'Brien after a short period on "The Tonight Show."

It isn't a fair comparison; O'Brien had the "The Tonight Show" job permanently while Benigni has always been a temporary news anchor.

But the comparison, other positive comments and repeated questions from readers about his future speak to Benigni's quick popularity after his temporary move from sports director to news anchor.

WGRZ's Benigni praises Levin's return, weighing his options

With less than two weeks before the Buffalo Bills start the regular season, Benigni has yet to decide whether he will remain a sportscaster or become a news anchor. He is on vacation this week.

In an exchange of texts, Benigni wrote: "No update at this point. Obviously still filling in on the news side and considering options."

Asked if he had a deadline as the Bills season approaches, Benigni added: "Mindful of that … but I'm not operating on a deadline."

The longer he stays in news the more likely it would appear that he would stay there.


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