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Letter: Trump is getting a bad rap on statues, war and all else

Trump is getting a bad rap on statues, war and all else

Let’s address “the outrage” that President Trump blamed both parties in regard to Charlottesville, Va. Oh, he’s a racist, he’s a neo-Nazi sympathizer. Really? Does the left have memory loss? Trump denounced all of them over and over while running for president, remember? Fact-check it. Besides, he was right. It takes two to tango, and they were not there to hug it out. Seems to me the left is becoming very adept in the trashing of property, burning and looting and changing what the Democratic Party stands for.

Seeing how I’m on the topic of Democrats, just who were slave owners? Who erected the Confederate statues, who wanted to keep slavery alive and well and who began the KKK? Yep, you guessed it, the Democrats.

Lastly, Trump’s military plan: Again the outrage. It’s too vague. We want details. Guess what? This is war. You don’t tell anyone anything. Remember when President Barack Obama set the date for the pullout? What did the enemy do? It sat back and waited and then moved in. When engaging the enemy you take every opportunity to give our soldiers every advantage possible. This means we’ll all find out after the fact, and let the left whine and gripe. This strategy, I believe, can save lives. Could you imagine in World War II if we told the Germans what we were doing next? Trump is listening to the generals and the boots on the ground. I’m sure there will be more outrage, protests and riots.

It is so sad that this is the face of what the Democratic Party stands for. God bless America.

Bruce Cranston

North Tonawanda

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