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Letter: Clinton and the media enabled Trump victory

Clinton and the media enabled Trump victory

Donald Trump was the Republican candidate because the media encouraged and allowed him to monopolize all coverage during the Republican primaries. They allowed him to hijack those deplorable “debates,” which should be an embarrassment to all Americans.

The best example was when Chuck Todd “interviewed” Gov. John Kasich, giving him 10 minutes in which Todd, with a smirk on his face, would only ask, “Will you drop out if Trump wins the next primary?”

Thankfully the governor said he would not answer, since he was there to discuss policy. Kasich has, arguably, the finest résumé of any candidate to run in either party ever. He was a U.S. representative for 16 years and governor of Ohio, winning a second term by a landslide due to his innovations that helped Ohio back on its feet. To give a public servant of that caliber such disrespect is criminal.

The reason Trump won the final election is Hillary Clinton. Any true conservative could not support her determination to promote overseas abortions, regardless of that country’s beliefs, and tie their compliance to foreign aid.

America should lead, showing a better way to prosperity for all people.

Trump was my second last choice. I hope he learns to speak truth with wisdom. Surprisingly, it is refreshing to have a respite from the “double speak” where one hears what politicians say, then must interpret what they really mean. I pray he may be teachable while they are not. America must have dignified campaigns that are about issues and not money or personality.

Nina D’Arcy

Lancaster and Asheville, N.C.

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