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Now that Mark is off 'Big Brother,' who will win? And who won't?

The big question for Western New York fans of "Big Brother" this summer was: can Mark Jansen of Grand Island win the game and the $500,000 grand prize?

That answer came Thursday night: no.

Jansen was voted off, 4-2 after a summer in which he switched his loyalties frequently within the house and came to be regarded as a “flip-flopper.”

So now the big question is, who from the among 8 remaining contestants will emerge victorious and a half-million dollars richer?

The short answer is it’s anybody’s game. There are reasons to think each of the elite eight has a legitimate shot and just as many reasons to think they can’t win. Here are some of them:

Paul: Paul will win because from the moment he has walked into the house as a special extra contestant, he clearly has been running the house.

Paul won’t win because if there’s one person who is the clear threat to everyone’s game, it’s Paul.

Alex: Alex will win because she has had strong alliances with Jason and Paul throughout the game and has proven herself as someone who can win competitions.

Alex won’t win because her housemates -- especially the other couple, Matt and Raven -- recognize her physical and social strengths and see the danger in taking her deeper in this game.

Jason: Jason will win because of his loyalty to his partner Alex. He has made it clear that he will stick with her, no matter what.

Jason will not win because as he continues to come out victorious in competitions, the target on his back continues to grow. He is a prime candidate for eviction next week.

Christmas: Christmas will win because of the many potential sympathy votes she could receive from the jury as a a result of the foot injury she suffered during the season. Because we haven’t seen her full potential in competitions, it's difficult to guess what could happen in the upcoming weeks.

Christmas won’t win because housemates might feel she doesn’t deserve $500,000 after being exempt from so many aspects of the game following her injury.

 Josh: Josh will win because many of his housemates are willing to bring him to the final eviction vote; in their eyes, he is the easiest houseguest to beat. Josh could come out when it counts and win crucial competitions making his chances even more likely.

Josh won’t win because he has spent a majority of his summer in the Big Brother house running his mouth, causing drama and not winning or maintaining a strong social or physical game.

Kevin: Kevin will win because he is one of the most likable guys in the house. He has worked hard to fly under the radar, not ruffle feathers, and try to show loyalty to as many of his housemates as he could.

Kevin won’t win because on Thursday night’s episode, host Julie Chen said it best: He hasn’t won a single Head of Household competition. The jury will have a difficult time rewarding someone $500,000 who hasn’t earned it.

Matt: Matt will win because he is locked in a solid showmance with Raven that has proven difficult to break up. On top of that extra vote of support, Matt could be a physical threat in the upcoming competitions and turn the tables to his favor of who he wants to be left in the house.

Matt won’t win because he has floated through the game doing almost nothing but socializing with Raven. It has been proven how much it aggravates his housemates and they say that “Matt isn’t even playing the game.”

Raven: Raven will win because she has been viewed as the sweet and innocent contestant all summer long. Her boyfriend Matt has even said that he feels he wants to help her get to the end and win the money because she deserves it due to her gastroparesis which forces her to wear a gastric pacemaker in her stomach.

Raven won’t win because when it comes down to the jury voting who deserves $500,000, Raven hasn’t done much to make her worthy of that kind of money.

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