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Letter: Trump’s contempt for ‘losers’ should be applied to statues

Trump’s contempt for ‘losers’ should be applied to statues

It is definitely odd that President Trump, who lauds “winners” and disparages “losers,” would be a zealous proponent of maintaining monuments to the leaders of a failed rebellion against their central government. It seems that supporting the public presence of statues of Confederate military leaders is more a self-serving political position to maintain his popularity among some portions of his base than a matter of moral principle.

Doubtless some Confederate military commanders were honorable men who contributed in some positive way to their communities. If so, there could be no objection to having a statue of a leading citizen in an appropriate venue representing his/her accomplishments. For instance, a statue of its founder could be displayed on a university campus.

However, it seems inappropriate, at best, to have statues specifically honoring rebels for their acts of aggression against their legitimate government and fellow citizens. What other countries maintain monuments to honor the leaders of the losing side in their civil wars?

Mary Ann Bald


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