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Letter: Trump has it all wrong on meaning of statues

Trump has it all wrong on meaning of statues

In his speech to win back the alt-right, Donald Trump compared Lee and the many confederates to Washington and Jefferson. “George Washington was a slave owner … So will George Washington now lose his statues? … Are we going to take down statues to George Washington? How about Thomas Jefferson?”

An eighth-grade history student could tell him the difference. The Founding Fathers fought to create a country. Lee, Jackson and the others fought against our country to preserve slavery. That was what the Civil War was really about. Robert E. Lee himself said that slavery was “abhorrent” But in an example of “My state right or wrong” he fought to preserve the institution of slavery. That’s not heroic, that’s co-dependent.

Usually when we put up a memorial to soldiers it’s because they fought and maybe died in a noble cause. Ask an alt-righter what was the South’s cause and he’ll mumble about states’ rights, history, culture or change the subject. But the truth is it was about slavery and white supremacy.

Not a noble cause in the least.

Larry Schultz


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