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Letter: Reed is underserving the people he represents

Reed is underserving the people he represents

Rep. Tom Reed might be able to fool the editorial board of The News, and he has fooled many people in the Southern Tier counties that he represents, but he can’t fool us all.

His picture accompanying the Aug. 20 editorial about him shows him laughing at his last Town Hall meeting. But he wasn’t doing that when a person attending that Town Hall meeting last month challenged him about what his wife did for a living.

That answer was in a letter printed in Everybody’s Column afterwards by the person asking the question, showing that Reed’s wife worked in a law office that sues people who cannot pay their medical bills. How’s that folks? He is just a stooge for the president and has stated he is 100 percent behind him, unwavering in that, but he wouldn’t answer any questions about the president’s answers about the Nazis, etc., in Virginia.

In a previous “meeting,” as reported in the Olean Times Herald, Reed was again cornered, this time about the high costs of drugs. His answer was that he preferred “the free marketplace” for control of drug costs. We Southern Ties opponents of Reed know that there is no such thing as a free marketplace or a free lunch, except for politicians who are handsomely paid by lobbyists, one way or the other.

On top of that was the article in the July 14 Another Voice, “Reed shows he’s out of touch with upstate values,” which states that we in the 23rd District are saddled with a representative who offers meaningless slogans and empty rhetoric, promising “choice” and “economic freedom,” and that he voted for a bill that would give a huge tax cut to the rich while slashing support of Medicaid.

He can’t continue to hide behind his false statements giving false hopes to all in the Southern Tier. They are finally waking up to what he and Trump are.

John Cappelletti


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