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Letter: Paladino is putting himself ahead of city schoolchildren

Paladino is putting himself ahead of city schoolchildren

Carl Paladino and his attorneys have chosen to put Paladino’s ego and their pocketbooks above the schoolchildren in the City of Buffalo. Such behavior is shameful and reprehensible.

Paladino could have saved the time, distraction and money spent to obtain his removal from the School Board. Instead, it has already cost the schools about $100,000 and could cost them as much and more in appeals and in defense against his civil rights suit.

He has put clearing his name ahead of the educational needs of the children of Buffalo and the financial needs of the city itself. He should immediately drop these cases and accept the situation. He can find some other avenue to express his feelings about his circumstances, especially since they are largely of his own making.

Gary Kuechle


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