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Letter: Leftist liberals reveal hypocrisy on their part

Leftist liberals reveal hypocrisy on their part

Margaret Sanger, who once advocated mass sterilization for a long list of ethnicities, is now a secular saint for liberals, while those opposing open borders and various “progressive” and leftist schemes are called “racist.” Woodrow Wilson segregated the federal civil service and is a liberal icon. Franklin Delano Roosevelt sent a ship of Jewish refugees away to meet their eventual fate, and is another “progressive” figure.

In Russia, statues to Georgia and Ukraine mass killers Lenin and Stalin are pulled down, but war monuments are not touched. Japan, despite a horrific war crimes history, respects war monuments and should.

Only in America can a virulent left, following Marx’s adage that “history is nothing …” (one makes what one needs to of it), exploit the historically illiterate youth around them and actually get mileage from desecrating war memorials with their protective media umbrella, and calling all opposition “racist.”

If TV news started reporting the strident signs and speeches at leftist “occupy”-type events, instead of omitting footage, people might know what we’re dealing with. Oh, right … Sen. Charles Schumer told a Democratic gathering awhile back, when talking about opponents, to use the word “extreme.” Is this the tactic that gets so many people tagged “alt-right?” One side can pull this off and Trump gets vilified pointing out creeps on both sides.

Dan Hoffman


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