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Letter: Jerry Lewis had a presence that conveyed graciousness

Jerry Lewis had a presence that conveyed graciousness

Around 1951, the Shea’s Buffalo Theatre sponsored a stage show, “Live and in person – Jerry Lewis.” The theater was sold out with SRO. My only distinct memory of the show (attended with my brother Sam and my mother) was an interruption of a skit by a little boy who climbed the stairs in the orchestra pit and began running across the stage toward Mr. Lewis.

He was chased by an usher, followed by the child’s mother. Jerry suddenly gestured the audience to be silent and the usher not to grab the boy.

Jerry then walked across the stage and lifted the child in a loving embrace and kissed his forehead.

Needless to say, the audience stood up and cheered, with not a dry eye in the house. I was about 11 when this happened and I am now 77.

Over the years I have often wondered if this event was staged or spontaneous.

My vote is for the latter.

Joseph S. Costello


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