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Letter: Fill the Park District seat and return focus to kids

Fill the Park District seat and return focus to kids

The Buffalo Board of Education needs to fill the vacant Park District seat in a timely fashion. The academic school year is about to begin and students, parents and taxpayers cannot afford to be unrepresented on the board. If the board delays the appointment for any reason, it will mean decisions critical to the students of the Park District would be made on their behalf without a voice in the process. Park District residents did not have a say in the removal of their representative and the board members shouldn’t deny representation for an extended period time.

In saying this, Carl Paladino should not have a hand in delaying the filling of the seat. He should not hold up the board proceedings to fill the vacancy and ensnare our representation in legal battles that will only cost the district thousands and will leave the Park District voiceless in a time that the Buffalo Public Schools are making a turnaround. I plead that Paladino give thought to students, parents and residents as he weighs his options.

It’s time to move on from this distracting situation. The current board, with a new Park District member, needs to get back to the work of improving upon Superintendent Kriner Cash’s New Education Bargain, as it is showing concrete results for our students. We are witnessing a rebirth of the City of Buffalo and we are only going to make this city stronger with a strong and viable public school system. The Board of Education and Paladino must allow a swift replacement process and get back to the work of educating our kids.

Kevin M. Lafferty

Park District Resident


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