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Letter: Canalside concerts send wrong message to visitors

Canalside concerts send wrong message to visitors

An enjoyable day in Buffalo out on the water! After coming ashore from the Spirit of Buffalo, we wanted to enjoy an ice cream cone, sit in the Adirondack chairs surrounding Canalside, chat and relax.

However, there was a concert that particular Thursday night and we were promptly ushered out of the area by no less than five security personnel. We were not even remotely interested in the band or the music; just wanted to cap off a perfect afternoon.

We are local and have been to Canalside many times, but we never tire of our amazing waterfront. We certainly waited long enough for it! To be refused access was extremely annoying.

What about people from out of town or who are bringing guests to see what has been done and brag a little? They may not have been aware of a concert, couldn’t have cared less and would have been denied entrance to one of our most beautiful areas and attractions. The stage is certainly far enough away from the boardwalk to adapt.

Visitors to Canalside should be accommodated and welcomed, not escorted out or be prohibited use of the area because of an event. We should be proud of what Buffalo has accomplished, not turning people away.

Carol Adler


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