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Editorial: Bits and pieces from the news

In this time of political polarization, Monday’s solar eclipse provided us with a reminder that as a nation we want to find common ground.

The celestial event brought people of all stripes out of office buildings or to official viewing spots to watch the moon eat away at the sun. Strangers spoke to each other and shared their dark glasses and pinhole viewers.

About 70 percent of the sun was obscured. The really big event occurs April 8, 2024, when Buffalo will be in the center of a total solar eclipse. We can’t wait.

And the prize for Boneheaded Decision of the Week goes to ESPN. Proving the aphorism that, for some people, too much is never enough, the cable TV sports network decided this week to remove one of its announcers from the University of Virginia’s season-opening game on Sept. 2. The reason? His name is Robert Lee.

ESPN reasoned – if that’s what you call it – that the part-time employee’s name was too similar to that of the Confederate general whose statue was at the center of this month’s violence in Charlottesville, Va.

It’s true, we suppose, that there are some people who lack the ability to distinguish between a sports announcer and a traitorous military leader from 150 years ago. But if the new national standard is always to play to the lowest common denominator, then watch out. There will be no end to the troubles.

At around 300 years old, the patient is getting a little sick. A fungal infection has set in for the longtime Buffalonian and survival into old age required the immediate help of doctors. Tree doctors.

The patient is the giant sycamore that leans precariously – or so it seems – over Franklin Street near Edward Street. Here’s how venerable the tree is: It was there when the British burned Buffalo during the War of 1812 – before Franklin Street even existed. It’s earned the care of the city.

Professionals are working on the patient, planning injections that they hope will give it another 300 years. So, a question: Is anybody else thinking they’d like a shot of that stuff, too?

You know the city’s revival is real when a company wants to put a movie theater in the Market Arcade. The eight-screen, state-of-the-art cinema is expected to open there in the spring. Just in time for the new Han Solo movie.

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