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LeSean McCoy puts 'false' trade rumors to rest after talking to Bills front office

LeSean McCoy isn’t going anywhere, according to Bills head coach Sean McDermott. And the 29-year-old running back believes the front office is telling the truth.

Asked Thursday about the validity of trade rumors involving McCoy, McDermott’s response was simple but succinct.

“No,” he said, shaking his head, when asked if the organization is in a position to deal McCoy.

The Bills are clearly in rebuilding mode, having swapped once-promising star receiver Sammy Watkins and cornerback Ronald Darby for 2018 draft picks. However, trading McCoy isn't part of their immediate plan. The unsubstantiated rumors managed to make their way to McCoy, who recently posted on Instagram: “So popping they just keep popping up with rumors.”

On Thursday, he admitted “any player would get frustrated after hearing they’re getting traded.” But a conversation with both McDermott and General Manager Brandon Beane put McCoy’s mind at ease. According to McCoy, “the best thing” about being in Buffalo is “the guys we have, especially in the upper office, we can talk to them — and they’re honest. I asked them about it and it was false, some people making things up.”

The five-time Pro Bowler has been down this road before, of course. The Eagles traded McCoy to the Bills in exchange for linebacker Kiko Alonso in March 2015. “I’ve been in that position before. And one thing about players getting traded" you wonder,  “ ‘Is it I’m not good enough? Am I an issue?’ Am I a team guy?’ I got traded before when I was second or third in rushing, so it can’t be the production. I was a good team guy, so you can worry about that.”

“I think the biggest thing is just being focused, not letting it be a distraction.”

McCoy insisted he’s unfazed by the latest trade rumors, adding that nowadays “everything is blown out of proportion” thanks to social media.

“At the end of the day the only thing I can do is control what I can control: and that’s be one of the best players in the NFL, like I’ve been doing since I’ve been in the NFL,” he said. “Trade me or not, keep me here, whatever it is.

“I talked to those guys and they said that that’s not on the radar, and that’s not their plans. The only thing I can do is gear up for the Ravens" on Saturday "and get ready to have a big year, like I do every year.”

Buffalo, he added, is where he belongs.

“They're all in to win,” McCoy said, referring to McDermott and Beane. “We’re a team and that’s what we’re trying to do. I feel like I’m one of the key guys here, I wouldn't want want to leave. Buffalo embraced me with open arms and they took me in.”

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