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Letter: Respect roadside memorials meant to heal and teach

Respect roadside memorials meant to heal and teach

Wow! I just read the letter to the editor regarding roadside memorials. She is right; this is a very tender topic. She should re-read the paragraph in which she states she has to drive by these memorials on her way to church each Sunday. I’m curious as to what church she attends.

Please have some sincere compassion for your neighbor and listen to the message that is shared in church. At least I would hope and pray a message of understanding and acceptance is preached to help our fellow man in their darkest days.

If a roadside memorial helps a family in the midst of a tragedy, so be it. Those roadside memorials can possibly prevent another accident by their presence. They are a reminder to all of us to travel safely. That’s why it’s important they aren’t removed after a few days.

Perhaps the writer could explain this to her family while enjoying the ice cream at Dairy Queen. It would be a sensitive teaching tool about life.

Please don’t look at these memorials if they bother you that much.

Cindy Cotton

East Aurora

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