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Letter: Public should get answers on the latest ship collision

Public should get answers on the latest ship collision

In the latest mishap, the USS John S. McCain collided with an oil tanker. How can a ship loaded with electronic gear not first know of the presence of a tanker when it is 20 miles away? I would appreciate someone with naval experience to explain how this could happen.

Does the current protocol require the presence of lookouts in addition to radar? It is unacceptable that this could happen. A tanker does not exactly move at a high rate of speed and should not be able to sneak up on a guided missile destroyer, which, by the way, is quite nimble aside from having up-to-date electronics that can detect a missile launch but not a tanker? When an oil tanker is in sight of a port, it takes at least 10 miles for it to come to a complete stop. While not a fast ship, it should be easy to detect if not see. Was there sabotage here on the part of a crew member or extreme negligence?

This is the fourth collision since January 2017. I am sure that the Navy will be looking into the security procedures and find out where the breakdown is occurring for this and previous collisions.

Lives of sailors have been lost needlessly.

Edward Clohessy


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