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Letter: It is unfair to declare the Confederate flag racist

It is unfair to declare the Confederate flag racist

Having watched the heat being brought on the Confederate battle flag, I had to finally speak out.

The flag is displayed mostly by people of Southern blood. It flies to honor the soldiers and/or relatives who fought in the Civil War to preserve their heritage. The war was fought because of lack of states’ rights and because the North was stealing raw materials to run the factories in the North. Having won the war the North got to label the reason it was fought as for slavery.

If you do some research and look at pictures of the Klan in its heyday, you will not see Confederate flags, but American flags. Should we therefore take down the racist American flag? Just because the neo-Nazis and that idiot kid in South Carolina took up flying the Confederate flag, it has been labeled as racist. It is not true.

Dan Kashuba


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